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Our Academy hosts courses for professional, personal and spiritual development to promote positive change and growth for yourself and your wellness business. 


Welcome to a realm of transformation and growth, where our courses are carefully crafted to empower your professional, personal, and spiritual development.


At Lunar Spirit Wellbeing, we believe in fostering positive change that radiates from within, weaving through every part of your life and wellness business.


Our courses are a fusion of mind, body, and soul, designed to expand your confidence and embrace your true potential. Whether you’re embarking on a new chapter or enriching your existing holistic practice, our offerings provide the gateway to empowered living and thriving.

Did you know most people are not breathing properly? 80% of the population have a breathing dysfunction or are shallow breathing. 


Breathing patterns have shifted in reaction to environmental stresses, repressed emotions, held trauma in the body, we are a stressed out, disconnected and dysfunctional society. 


Learning to breathe properly could change your life! And the lives of your family and others you work with. 


Awakening BreathWork®️ courses are for complete beginners, professionals in the wellness industry, counsellors, coaches and for individuals wanting to improve self awareness and health. 


Why is it called Awakening BreathWork?


Simply because it awakens all of your body systems, energy centres and awakens you to your true self under the layers of conditioning, so you could call it an awakening of mind, body and soul through the breath, life force energy.


Awakening breath work is combination of breathing techniques, gentle movements, nurturing touch and meditation to connect you to yourself on a deeper energetic level, bring you out of survival mode so you can access deep healing. 

The foundations and the advanced techniques are rooted in ancient practices combined with modern science. Connecting to the bodies innate inner wisdom to activate the healing process.

Awakening through the 7 main energy centres (Chakras) it is gentle, yet powerful, connective, releasing and nurturing. 

The methods help to heal emotional blockages and unconscious trauma, on a journey of self discovery. Your body naturally knows how to heal itself but cannot be accessed in fight or flight- we get out of our thinking mind and into our feeling body. Working closely with the vagus nerve, or spirit nerve as it’s sometimes referred to.

Breath work works on all of the body systems and improves brain function. Awakening BreathWork, works physically, subconsciously, somatically, energetically and holistically. All you need is you and your breath, no props, no fluff!


The Awakening BreathWork foundations and practitioner courses are your guide to becoming a competent, intuitive, trauma informed breathwork practitioner. 


So let's get breathing...🌀

Sunset Gaze

Awakening Breathwork

Energy Healing


Usui Sensei divided the Reiki system into three different degrees or levels of learning. Each degree is structured at the initial learning stage and then allows the student to develop within them thereafter.  Anyone can receive training in Reiki, regardless of their background, spiritual or religious beliefs. 

Our courses are taught in person at our spiritual studio in Wilstead, Bedfordshire. We have small intimate groups of up to 6 students per class to allow each individual to be seen and heard. For each course students will be provided with a detailed training manual, MP3 audio files  and certificate on completion.

We cater for all learning styles, please contact if you require additional learning support. 

Jen has been a Reiki practitioner since 2003 and a Master Teacher since 2014 and has attuned 100’s of people to Reiki over the years. 


Have you lost yourself a little? After becoming a parent, a relationship breakdown or going through a big life change? Do you want to feel free from past traumas, anxiety and self-sabotage? Take back the reins and co-create the life YOU want to live. Then this is the course for you.  Awaken to your TRUE potential. 

Inner Awakening will support you through somatic healing, releasing old emotional wounds from the body,  empowering you to find your voice,  liberating you to take your power back! Working with the 3 pillars of connection. 1- self connection, 2-connection to others, 3-connection to nature. 
Inner Awakening is a 6 week intensive journey of self discovery with breath work- NLP and energetics to reconnect with your inner self- heal your inner child – enrich your relationships, you will gain confidence and emotional freedom to live life as your true authentic self.

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inner awakening and empowerment



Designed to empower individuals seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of meditation and mindfulness, this comprehensive course offers a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science guiding you through a series of immersive modules, equipping you with practical techniques to cultivate mindfulness, manage stress, and enhance emotional resilience.


Whether you're a beginner or seasoned practitioner, our course provides a supportive environment for personal growth and self-discovery. Join us and unlock the profound benefits of meditation and mindfulness in your life today.

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