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mens wellness 


Men need nurturing too! Although I avoid such binary language normally there is a huge need for men’s (or those who identify with masculine energy) wellness and healing spaces. 

These days are for nurturing and creating healthy masculinity, supporting mental health, building confidence and resilience. 


What to expect- 


Breath work, NLP coaching to work on belief systems, hypnotic meditation to let go of the past and create confidence. Cold water therapy for healing mind, body, soul and building resilience. 


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Monthly group coaching for inner healing, exploring different subjects and modalities to support you to transform the wounds you carry. Our healing circle is an invitation to deepen your self awareness, empower you to take charge of your health, experience different approaches to healing, spirituality and personal growth.


Each workshop is tailored to improve self esteem, build confidence, improve relationships, emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Trusting Others

Conscious Connections Healing and Coaching Circle 


wellness in the community


In a world where modern life, the demands of work and school can often leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected, it’s more important than ever to prioritise mental health and emotional well-being. Jen & Lunar Spirit Wellbeing is here to help you bring the transformative benefits of wellness-focused activities out into the community. 


After years of dedicated work in my private therapy and coaching practice, I’ve observed a striking trend: a significant 90% of the individuals I’ve worked with have struggled with work/school/relationship related stress, leading to low self esteem and a decline in mental health. Let’s change this together, if you have a charity, organisation, group or business then we can help you

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